Best of the West: Bay Area Office Spaces

I've been rearranging my apartment looking for the perfect balance between productivity and creativity for WestSide Culture to develop. It's coming along nicely (maybe I'll do a behind the scenes tour soon) and has me thinking, who has the best office?

The Bay Area is known for having some of the most creative work stations in the world, let's take a tour.

Google - We all know about this one. Slides between levels, bus rides to work, bikes in the office.

Someone from Google is reading this caption right now. They are watching.

AOL - Yes, apparently they are still around. I know, I was surprised, too!
"You've got mail!" And a bad ass office.

AOL: No longer using dial-up.

Facebook - Employees were asked what they wanted. Imagine that?
The answers? Write on walls, add their own artwork, and move furniture when and where they want.

I'm CEO, bitch.

Twitter - Performances from Snoop Dogg, classic twitter graphics on the walls and tons of light.

Quick, describe this office in 140 characters or less.

Pixar - Their cubicles are individual huts. Freaking awesome. 

No wonder why they are so creative. As a side note, is that me working in there?

Three Rings Design - Something straight out of Alice and Wonderland or my worst nightmare. And I love it!

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