Portlandia: Home of the Blazers, Portland Aerial Tram and other strange things

Well kids, it's complete. My maiden voyage to Portland. And boy was it worth the wait.

I'm ready to go back.

Upon arriving to Rip City, my first stop was Powell's City of Books - a massive, and incredibly cool book store that takes up an entire city block. It's an old warehouse, complete with huge signs for the "auto and parts department." It's also 4 stories and kind of a maze, and easy to get lost in there. Which I did.

As I exited the store, a completely different street corner than I entered in, I noticed I was near the land of food trucks - again, a city block dedicated to... you guessed it: food trucks. But this was some gourmet shit. I had some kind of wild boar, javelina, Hawaiian pulled-pork slider thing and it was amazing.

Time for beverages.

Coffee. A cold brew. Yes, please.

And then we hit up Fathead's Brewery. All in all, I was quite proud of myself. Within a few hours I'd crossed off 4 of my Portland to do's:

Brewery - Check.

Coffee shop. Check.

Food trucks. Check.

Powell's books. Check.

A lot of people (this entire tram car included) follow me on the Instagram. You should, too.

A lot of people (this entire tram car included) follow me on the Instagram. You should, too.

So it was time for the Air B 'N B, which was just near Portland State University (a hip little neighborhood) and the Portland Aerial Tram, which connects the port to some fancy, shmancy health school, the Oregon Health & Science University, which looks like something from the future. Anyway, cool shit and the Air B 'N B had views for days.

It was time for dinner, which I was looking forward to, given Portland's notoriously talked about food scene. I'm not going to go into details and bash on a bunch of restaurants, but what. the. fuck. Talk about up tight. If I shoved a lump of coal up any of these hostesses' asses in two weeks I'd have a diamond. 

Anyway, I did find a few cool, laid back restaurants and bars and had myself a great time. Also, I made the trek to the arts district (Alberta Street) and let me tell you, that's the spot to be. 

While there I hit up Salt and Straw, a trendy little ice-cream shop with some shorties that be workin' up in there like what. I do recommend that spot, although my friends hated it. Whatever, haters gonna hate.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to hit up everything on my list, so I guess I'll be heading back soon. And when I do, here's what's next:

1) Voo Doo Donuts

2) Beaverton, Oregon (Nike campus)

3) Nike Employee Store

See you soon, PNW. You're got a new fan. WSC. :)