Day 1: Alpha Brain, Onnit, Joe Rogan and Total Human Optimization

I bought Alpha Brain recently and after a cluster fuck of an experience with FedEx (mostly my fault), the package finally arrived. It showed up with a Howler Monkey kettlebell, which like Alpha Brain, is a product from Onnit, one of my new favorite companies.

I'll be chronicalling here my testing with Alpha Brain, for anyone who gives a shit. Many of you won't, but I'll write anyway.

Currently, 1 hour into Alpha Brain (1 pill so far), I cranked out a set of kettlebell reps and now I'm writing this while listening to a Joe Rogan podcast. I'm definitely inspired by both Rogan and Onnit, and grateful to anyone who drives me to be a better human. And I love Onnit's tagline of "Total Human Optimization."

That's what I'm going to attempt to do here, right before your very eyes. Optimize myself to greatness.

Over the next 60 days, I'll update you on how the Alpha Brain is going. Who knows where it's going to take us. Maybe I'll find a way to get us to Mars. Or maybe I'll wind up like Russell Crowe's character, John Nash, in A Beautiful Mind, bat shit crazy. Or was he?

Either way it's going to be fun. Time to go kick ass.