Day 65: 19 Lessons from Instagram Models and

Greetings Earthlings. I've recently discovered the ultimate time waster.

It's called and you have been warned:

It's highly addictive.

If you haven't played before, the general premise is you are a cell, you eat food (other players) and attempt to grow so large you dominate the game. The whole thing has a celestial-planetary, biological feel to it. And yes, I'm quite sure that's the first time celestial, planetary and biological have been used in the same sentence.

Where am I going with all this and why should you care?

Hold your horses, cowboy. I'm getting there.

In the game you can hit the "W" key, and eject mass so other players can eat it (phrasing?). Hence, sharing. 

In, the game developed by Activision Blizzard (West Coast company previously written about here), I started identifying certain players and "W" keyed them - gave them some size and strength and quickly learned this is how you make friends. You can begin building teams and allies just by sharing.

Which got me thinking 3 things:

Thing #1: Is sharing the whole point of

Thing #2: Is sharing the whole point of life?

Thing #3: Am I the only one who now browses the web with my finger on the "W" key and thumb on the space bar? ( nerds...err... players, you know.)

I know big questions.

But seriously, sharing seems to be something we don't do enough of. And when it's done you're left feeling positive, energized and inspired. In fact, I think the people who share the most and give the most value end up becoming the most successful.

It got me thinking, where else besides is this true?

AGAR.IO: Boogie2988 is about to eat me

AGAR.IO: Boogie2988 is about to eat me

It's certainly true in entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss, Noah Kagan, Neil Patel and Joe Rogan. Their blogs and podcasts deliver such value and it's completely free to you, the receiver.

And it's true of kick-ass, world-class marketers, like some of my favorite Instagram accounts:

(Number of Instagram followers in parenthesis)

@Yoga_girl (1.5MM+) - Rachel Brathen, aka Yoga Girl, has a huge following and shares inspirational posts, pictures and personal stories of her travels and experiences. BONUS: Yoga Girl visits some of the most remote, breathtaking locations on the planet. Live vicariously. You're welcome.

@kinoyoga (753K) - Is it any wonder why yoga models are so popular on instagram? Hmph. 

@poprageous (195K+) - Cheri Park, started poprageous using herself as the model and has grown the custom leggings company into a monster. Great for creative types and those looking for something outrageous. In fact, a lot of the inspiration for WSC comes from her @poprageous IG account.

@samanthaponder (140K+) Great account to follow if you like an attractive, intelligent female who knows her sports. Having recently given birth, she's big with the mommy bloggers, too. From Phoenix, lives in SF, reps the West Coast. Oh and she posts tons of behind the scenes pics from the biggest sporting events, since she works for ESPN and is married to a pro quarterback.

@kacycatanzaro - (100K+) Ninja Girl. 'Nuff said.

@misshaleymichelle - (44K) - Shares her behind the scenes access to the Indiana Pacers dance team and players. "BOOM BABY"

@skinnydrunkbae (37K+) Lots of pics of custom nikes, working out, fit AF. Just trust me on this one, okay guys.

@scarlettsuccess - (31K) Scarlett gets bonus points for being a scorpio. She grew up in Silicon Valley, likes the 49ers, and is all about business and marketing. Lots of posts to inspire you to get up off your ass and go make something of yourself. :-)

@womenandcoffee (22K) Pretty much sums it up. If you need more of a description: artsy, stunning, sexy, oh, yeah and umm... coffee.

@missmazade - (19K) - Her instagram profile has the following words on it: LA, Models, Cali. Meow. Chips & salsa. Hot sauce. Avocados. Oh yeah, and she has a French Bulldog. I'm guessing you know what to do from here.

@beeryoga (18K) Officially, Instagram's first beer and yoga profile. Certainly not it's last. I mean, beer and yoga. Sign me up.

@misskfit (~10K) - Miss Kate models for Gym Kulture, Nevertap MMA, swollswagg. She reps the Westcoast, from Vancouver Island, and has a frenchie.

@_sarahxgrace_ - (8K) - San Diego's hottest hooter waitress. Did someone say wings?

@thepizzamonster1 - (~6,500) Tara Lynn, aka the Pizza Monster, posts pictures of well... her eating delicious pizza. She makes it look good.

cat belanger w/ steve urkel courtesy: @catbelanger

cat belanger w/ steve urkel courtesy: @catbelanger

@catbelanger - (~6500) - Cat Belanger works for the Dodgers and is a liaison to the stars when the visit Dodger Stadium. Rough gig. Let's see... babes, baseball, celebrities, oh twist my arm, I'll follow.

@brew_babes (4,400) - Tara & Bonnie's shared IG profile states: Two Babes. Two States. Two Beer Brains. They rep ASU and San Diego. My kind of people. Great pics of them having fun trying different craft beers.

@thecoffeenomad (3,500+) - Erica Brianna shares her travel adventures and is never far from a cup of West Coast coffee #mugsup #leftcoastbestcoast

@theyoganinja (3,500) Cali love for this Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Certified Yoga master. I definitely plan on trying it this Summer.

So what do all of these marketers have in common?

Besides them all being female and smoking hot, they follow the social rules of sharing:

  • shoutouts
  • showing their personalities
  • behind the scenes access
  • follow for follows
  • share for share
  • having fun
  • personal and promotional posts, not just business
  • participation - post and respond to comments
  • contests and giveaways

P.S. Did you know that 5 out of the 19 top followed Instagram accounts are of Kardashian or Jenner descent? They have a combined reach of over 1 billion. And really, Beyonce, would it kill you to follow one person?

(source: Social Blade)

(source: Social Blade)

P.S.S. Remember, it's all about sharing, so please show some love. Hit the like icon below (you'll get hearts) and then go follow on Instagram. (350+ other people do)