Tebow, AZ Fall League, & October versus March

With October wrapping up, the Cubbies clinching their first World Series birth in 71 years, and a few other sports just getting underway (hockey and basketball), I've been thinking a lot about which is the better sports month.

October or March?

Let's take a look at the current month, October, then we'll dive into the promise of spring time.

October has the start of the NHL season, the NBA begins to make some noise, Major League Baseball's Post Season is in full swing (pun intended), and a little known treat, the Arizona Fall League flexes its muscle in the Valley of the Sun.

This year, the Fall League has some beef to it, with the ever beefy Tim Tebow making an appearance. Tebow continues to be someone who garners media attention no matter what he does, and any time I write about him, my page views go #allthewayup. 

At last check, Teebs has a .107 batting average with 3 hits in 28 at bats. No bueno.

If you're unfamiliar with the Arizona Fall League, it's where all the Major League Baseball teams send their top prospects to AZ to face top competition. It's a who's who of players, coaches, general managers, and avid baseball fans. In the past I've met Josh Byrnes (former AZ Dbacks and Padres GM), Mike Rizzo (Washington Nationals GM), Ryne Sandberg, and countless others.

In fact, recently Kyle Schwarber, the World Series darling for the Chicago Cubs, was at the Fall League getting ready for his post season appearance.

Highly recommended, if for no other reason than the weather is about 90 degrees while the rest of the country deals with almost-winter temperatures.

OK, now let's take a quick look at March...

If you've been a reader or follower of WestsideCulture for any period of time, then you probably know March holds a special place in my heart because of Spring Training and the Cactus League.

And towards the end of March, baseball ramps up for good, getting ready for the regular season.

But March also has March Madness, the greatest sporting event on the face of the earth, as long as you have a team in your bracket that advances to the Final Four. 

And for that reason alone, plus the weather is spectacular, March wins.