Are You Not Entertained? Summer's Gladiators Take Center Stage...



We are one day away from the event I've been looking forward to all summer...

No, not National Bikini Day. 

And no, not National Ice Cream Day, although come to think of it, I am looking forward to that.

I'm talking about Home Run Derby.

8 of Major League Baseball's hardest hitters square off against each other to see who will be crowned Home Run Derby Champion.

I'm excited, because this year, it's in San Diego and I'll be there. In right-center field, on a roof-top, with arguably the best seat in the house. Expect pics, snaps, instas and more. 

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Let's take a quick look at the Derby candidates, then I'll break down my favorites, for obvious reasons, their ties to the Best Coast. :)

#1 Top Seed: Mark Trumbo, Baltimore O's
#2: Todd Frazier, Chicago White Sox ("The Toddfather" won the Home Run Derby in 2015)
#3: Adam Duvall, Cincinnati Reds
#4: Robinson Cano, Seattle Mariners
#5: Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins
#6: Wil Myers, San Diego Padres
#7: Carlos Gonzalez, aka CarGo, Colorado Rockies
#8: Corey Seager, Los Angeles Dodgers

Now, we'll take a look at my West Coast predictions, and thanks to the seedings was made much easier for me. Thank you seeding gods.

First Up (in what we'll call here, the West Coast Bracket):

Top Seed, Mark Trumbo (born in Anaheim) vs. #8 Seed, Corey Seager (Los Angeles Dodgers

Trumbo has an advantage in that he's a right-handed hitter and the ball seems to carry better in PetcoPark to his natural swing side, left-field. The opposite is true for Seager, right-field can be a dead-zone for left-handed hitters.

For selfish reasons, I want to see Seager put on a show as my seats will be in right-center, so I'd be closer to his home runs. However, I don't like the Dodgers, and Trumbo is Cali-born. Trumbo Advances.

#4 Seed, Robinson Cano (Seattle M's) v. #5 Seed, Giancarlo Stanton (born in Panorama, CA)

Robinson Cano figures to have the best chance from a lefty-perspective, but as I mentioned before, lefties do not fare well in Petco. 

Stanton on the other hand, will put on a show on Monday night. He can hit the ball easily 475 feet, which in left-field at Petco leaves the stadium. Or crashes of the Western Metal Supply Co. building. Or breaks the new HD video score board. Any of those will be fun to watch. Stanton Wins.

#1 v #5 seeds: Trumbo v Stanton

I've seen Trumbo's power first hand, when he hit a home run off the scoreboard at Chase Field. But, something tells me Stanton pulls this one out. He's been on absolute fire lately.

Stanton advances to finals.

Home Run Derby Southwest Bracket (did you really think I'd call it the East Bracket?):

This one's easy. Hometown hero, Wil Myers uses the crowd's energy and advances to finals.

#6 Seed: San Diego Padres own, Wil Myers wins.

FINALS #5 vs. #6 seed: Stanton v Myers

Sorry, Wil, I'd love to give it to you in a magical night at Petco. Something tells me Stanton just has a little bit more. Maybe the Rock is there for added inspiration. Who knows. All is know is this... Giancarlo is a beast.

2016 Home Run Derby Champ: California knows how to party, like Giancarlo Stanton knows how to hit.