Time to Rework work

I just finished reading Rework for the third time, because yes, it really is that good. I'll listen to it several more times, too. The authors of this book, Jason Freid and David Heinemeier Hansson, own their own software company called 37Signals. The products/software they make help you organize your business. The book, Rework, will give you valuable insight into how to own and operate your own business.

The best part about the advice they give: It all goes against the grain. It's the opposite of what eveyone else is doing.

A few examples from Rework:

Stop using the term ASAP. We get it. It's important.

Enough with culture. Culture is not just hanging a bunch of mission statements from the walls and painting your office bright colors.

The word "entrepreneur" is out dated. The word comes with a bunch of heavy baggage. Instead use "starter". It's like self-starter only less cliche.

I try to follow the concepts of the book in my everyday life, whether I'm making decisions for personal or business related items. One of the biggest things this book has taught me is not to go after investors if you are starting your own business (there are small exceptions, like for restaurants and coffee shops). Grow it yourself with your own time and your own money. It doesn't cost much, if any, upfront capital to start your own business. Keep it small and keep your expenses low.  Be smart. There are many advantages to being small.

I've started giving this book as gifts to people I know who are starters. Starters of the world, unite.