Las Vegas Sports Books

As a sports fan, walking into a Vegas Sports Book is sensory overload. It's like Comic Con San Diego for nerds, errr I mean for those who like comics and such. Last time I went to Vegas was for a bachelor party (shocking I know) and we visited the Sports Book in the Hard Rock Hotel. I was like a kid in a candy store, or Charlie Sheen at the Crazy Horse. 

I bet on a 5 team NBA parlay. I looked over at a buddy of mine who was staring at the NBA lines and betting options. I know what was going through his head. Pure confusion. I'm sure it was something like, "What does ML +350 Phoenix Suns mean?" I told him, "Just do exactly what I do." He didn't listen.

We sat watching the games, and when I say the games I mean literally all the games. They had about 50 giant screen TVs, each with a different game on. Then there were smaller screens below those and each little both had it's own seperate TV. A group of people over in the corner cheered. I looked up, struggling to find which game they were watching and what had just happened. They weren't even watching basketball, it was horse racing.

As the games were nearing the end, I had won 4 out of my five games so far and just needed the Atlanta Hawks to beat the Denver Nuggets. My buddy, yes, the one who didn't listen had already lost his parlay. When Atlanta made two free throws with 12 seconds left, it gave them a 111-104 lead and I knew I had won. I patted him on the shoulder, said, "Next time you'll listen. This time drinks are on me. Let's go to the bar."