How to live West Coast Culture

Choose wiselyThe West Coast is full of opportunity, one just needs to know where to look. First, I'd suggest you spend 20 minutes, close your eyes and visualize yourself doing exactly what it is you'd like to do. I know this may seem a little hocus pocus, but I assure you it works. One of the best pieces of advice I've ever received was actually nothing more than a suggestion. I was asked to write down my perfect day. Start with the second you wake up. Will you sleep in? What will you have for breakfast? Where will you go? Who will you associate with? Go through these steps and visualize your perfect day. Your new goal is to get as close to that perfect day as you can, every single day.

Now, look at the ways you've determined you'll spend your time. Will you work for someone else? A corporation? Yourself? Whatever you decide, begin to create this reality for yourself. Soon, with enough practice, faith and determination you will begin to live this new reality you've created.

WestSide Culture essentially is this project. We want you to live out your dreams. Work with who you want, where you want, when you want, doing what you want. The West Coast is full of those aspiring to greatness. Many of them are paid with something other than money, they are paid with hope. The hope that soon their dream and project will take off. It's one of the things I love most about living here. 

This group of starters as I will call them, include dancers, actors, models, writers, photographers, artists, adventurers, freelancers, athletes and entrepreneurs. There is a flip-side to WestSide Culture that despite it's clash with conformity (or maybe because of it's clash with conformity), I respect, honor and admire.

"Wantapreneurs" (those wanting to own their own business and live life on their terms but haven't figured out how to do so yet), prostitutes, high class escorts, dancers (the other kind), drug dealers and gamblers are all members of this class. Many may look at them as a drain on society, but I assure you they stimulate the economy as much as Joe the Plumber does, if not more so. Provided they pay their taxes, why should you care how they spend their time? Answer: you shouldn't.

So the short answer to the long question of how to live your own dream of WestSide Culture is this: Determine what you want and go get it. Do not settle. Be like Nike. Just do it!