6 Questions: Why Nobody Works in Venice Beach

About a month ago when researching topics for WestSide Culture, I came across a site that epitomizes the vibe out West. I often wonder how so many people can afford not to work or leave work at 2pm to beat rush hour traffic. Rush hour traffic in San Diego is worst between 3-4pm. What's that all about? What are people doing all day?

Josh Kreitzman, founder NWIVThese are the types of things we think about on the West Coast and Joshua Kreitzman decided to get an answer. In doing so, he created one of my favorite websites, Nobody Works in Venice. On the site, he takes photos of people using Instagram and interviews them about how they spend their day. I had an opportunity to interview Joshua and get the 411 on the 310.

Kevin: You worked for Myspace. What was it like and what did you do for them? 

Josh: Working at Myspace was a blast and quite the roller coaster. I led marketing for the video team.  

Kevin: What was the culture like at Myspace prior to Facebook blowing up?

Josh: The culture definitely evolved over the 4 years that I worked there, but was always young, fun, and trail blazing.

Kevin: What’s your inspiration for creating Nobody Works in Venice?

Nina, musician, taking time off between jobs.Josh: I had always felt like I was the only one leaving Venice every morning to go to work, and wondered how everyone else paid their rent while seemingly unemployed. When most of us were laid off during the MySpace sale in June, I had a chance to actually find out. 

Kevin: How do you spend your time now?

Josh: After a great summer off, I'm now doing some consulting work and leaving Venice every morning again, but now I know how everyone else pays their rent. 

Kevin: How would you advise others to create and run with their own idea?

Josh: Good ideas come from good insights, especially when you're solving your own problem that you think other people might have too. Once you've got it, act quickly while the spark is strong. I thought of NWIV the same day that my first post went up, thanks to the ease of tools like tumblr, instagram and my iPhone. 

Kevin: How would you describe West Coast Culture and feel free to use the words, “WestSide Culture" when responding.

Josh: WestSide Culture is laid back but active, bougie but bohemian, and creatively fueled.