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8 Questions w/ Kristin Reiter

I'm a man. I like to put things in boxes. Categorize and compartmentalize. Break it down. Make it simple. This explains why I like waffles. A square with a bunch of squares inside of a square. It also explains why I beat my head against the wall deciding where to categorize this interview.

See, Kristin Reiter is not square. She doesn't fit into a neat little category. In fact, she seamlessly transitions between every single topic I write about. Portland, SoCal, Business, Technology, Travel. I could go on. She probably even likes waffles.

Kristin is the Global Design Director for Nike's Action Sports and previously worked in Nike Women's Training. Her blog, BleachBlack, is a fashion industry sensation, she designs her own Apple iPhone cases, and has a seriously sick website. Plus, she shares my initials, KR, which is the trump card on levels of bad ass-ness. Duh. Obviously. So, WSC, I bring to you, the other KR.

Where do you get your design inspiration from?

Convention says I'm supposed to say "Travel" or some shit, however most of the time I get inspired by bad product. Laziness and shitty manufacturing is reason for bad design, however I believe the world is a better place with well thought out design. In addition, I'm super competitive and view it as a challenge to come up with something far superior.

What is your favorite place to go in Portland and why?

I love Paxton Gate. It's full of stuff I don't need but am curious about. It's a departure from what I normally study.

What is it like working for Nike?

Love Nike. Serious. LOVE it. It's a big campus, with really amazing, inspiring people.

How often are you traveling?

I'm always traveling. Haven't really stopped – ever.

Provided you had to pick one, would you rather spend the rest of your life in Los Angeles or Portland?


What are some of your hobbies?

I don't have a whole lot of time, but I'm into gerontology right now. Lots of research.

What was your degree in from FIDM and did you always know you wanted to work in Fashion Design?

I majored in fashion design. I knew that I wanted to create. Always knew that, but wasn't sure in what way. My dad did upholstery so we had a few sewing machines in the basement and I just started apparel. I got kicked out of school for most of it being a "distraction", but it did lead me into my current profession so it was well worth it.

Snow White phone case made of durable metal w/ a chrome coating. Looks like a mirror.How did you come up with the idea for the 'Snow White' iPhone case?

A few thoughts put together makes up the inspiration for the case:

1. I'm fascinated with Narcissism and mirrors are pretty symbolic with self involvement
2. I HATED my phone case and couldn't find anything I liked
3. I like the Jakandjill blog and they tend to focus in on accessories. If you notice, everyone has a phone attached to their hands and if you look closer…. All the phone cases are absolute shit. It detracts from the photo and is irritating to me.

I felt it was my responsibility to help fix this epidemic. Mark my words, I promise other people will catch on and understand the importance of what I'm talking about.


## Kristin Reiter was recently featured in Complex Mag's Top 15 Sexiest Designers.

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