Phoenix: Foreclosures and dry heat

So over the weekend my girlfriend and I took a little road trip to Phoenix, which is my former home. It was great to be there during the madness of the Dbacks Brewers series, which will go down as one of the most exciting 5 games ever played. The Arizona State Sun Devils continued their dominanting season with a 35-14 stomping of Utah and the Cardinals were the Cardinals. 34-10. Really? Why even get on the plane, Arizona Cardinals?

I met up with Melanie of WestSide Culture (also a Phoenix resident) and we talked about the site, west coast culture and what its like to live in San Diego, business, sports, foreclosures (grrrrr......) and all the usual musings of life. We enjoyed a Starbucks and I got to meet her daughter who was shy around me. I often have that effect on women.

It was tough for me to move away from Phoenix originally, but San Diego was a no-brainer. I stopped by my old condo in Phoenix (foreclosure, stupid banks) and once I got a look at the property and how it was being kept up, I knew I made the right decision by walking away from it. I also took my French Bulldog to the dog park and although it was only 85 degrees, it felt like 105 with the Arizona Dry Heat Factor. 

Don't get me wrong, I do love Phoenix (mainly because of my family and the sports teams), but compared to all that I have here in SD, there is not even a question as to what place is better.

Now if you'll excuse me, the beach is calling. Oh yeah, and go Devils!