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I am not a role model: Charles Barkley, STAT and shoes

Is it the shoes?

The 1st ever Charles Barkley shoe.There is a common misconception that many make. I for one am guilty of it. The shoes Charles Barkley wore during the Phoenix Suns 1992-1993 magical playoff run (in which they lost to the Bulls in the Finals, stupid Michael Jordan) were not actually his shoes. Meaning they were not signature Charles Barkley Nike shoes. They were Nike shoes worn and endorsed by Charles Barkley. There is a difference. They are also the shoes he wore in the 1993 "I am not a role model" commercial with Nike. But again, they are not his shoe. They are the Air Force 180, shown above, and one of my favorite shoes of all time, although I've never owned a pair.

Barkley's shoe came out in 1993-94, featured here in this video (must watch) with the afore mentioned stupid Michael Jordan. Barkley's first actual shoe was called the Air Force Max CB.

Recently, Nike brought back the Air Force Max2 CB 94 shoe. It is the one endorsed by stupid Amar'e Stoudemire. Sure, STAT, throw it all the Suns fans faces. Leave Phoenix for NYC and then wear some Barkley shoes, the same guy you replaced as the best Suns Power Forward.

The Charles Barkley shoes Amar'e Stoudemire wears.

Now Barkley and Nike roll out 5 other shoes, just in time for the Spring/Summer Olympics 2012. Three of them pictured below. Hmmm... still using those Suns colors and the others definitely look like USA Olympic colors to me.

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