Zwickel What? Zwickel Who?

Written byTina-Maria Garcia; Portland, Oregon

Beer lovers beware, Zwickelmania is here!

This Saturday, February 18th from 11-4pm, the 4th annual Zwickelmania will take place. Zwick what??? Zwickelmania! Zwickelmania is an event put on by the Oregon Brewers Guild as an event to showcase the many breweries in the state of Oregon.  

The state of Oregon is becoming more and more known for its breweries. Zwickelmania is a great event that gives the public a chance to get to know the breweries. Participating breweries will be giving free brewery tours and free tastings of their favorite beers.

Breweries all over the state will be participating, from Southern Oregon, to the coast, to the city of Portland. If you are in the city of Portland you can visit multiple breweries by jumping on a shuttle bus. The shuttle bus routes are separated by region. You can take a NE PDX shuttle and visit breweries such as Widmer Brothers and Amnesia Brewing. Or you can take the SE PDX Shuttle and visit breweries such as such as Cascade Brewing Barrel House and Hop Works Urban Brewery. The Oregon Brewers Guild has also organized shuttle buses for downtown Portland, Bend and Eugene. The list of participating breweries is extensive!

Visit for a complete list of all the participating breweries and shuttle information. 

Did I mention this event is free? The shuttle, tours and tastings are all free! What a great event to showcase Oregon’s breweries!