Small business in Portland makes big time coffee

Written byTina-Maria Garcia; Portland, Oregon


Every weekend morning I wake up thinking the same thing, “Am I going to be able to go to Jim and Patty’s Coffee today?”  Jim and Patty’s Coffee has become my favorite neighborhood coffee shop in Portland; I only wish I discovered them when I had first moved up here. 

They have a great atmosphere for sitting back and enjoying a latte. The store front faces south so when the sun is out it’s always shining in. The food is so delicious that I want to have breakfast there all the time. Their case displays breakfast sandwiches, coffee cakes, muffins and other pastries. I enjoy the Pig Newtons, a sausage rolled in a biscuit, and I love their fruity bran muffins. The fruit varies from time to time but the last one I had was a blueberry peach bran muffin.

They also make a mean chai latte and anyone that knows me knows how I seriously love my chai latte in the morning and sometimes even in the afternoon! They are pretty famous for their coffee too! Jim and Patty’s is owned by the couple that started “Coffee People”. I don’t mean for the coffee to seem like an afterthought, I just don’t drink coffee. I have heard the coffee is good and have even given the coffee as a gift to my coffee loving friends. 

Jim and Patty’s is also known for their famous Sour Cream Coffeecake. I’ve been going to this coffee shop for over a year and have never tried it! So Sunday morning I ordered the Sour Cream Coffee Cake and oh yes it deserves to be famous! It was delish!

The atmosphere is very friendly. I’ve made it a point to take out of town guest to this little spot in NE Portland. Great coffee (in my case a chai), great atmosphere, and yummy food are what makes Jim and Patty’s my favorite coffee shop!

4951 NE Fremont
Portland, OR 97213