Sundaes on a Saturday?

Whoa! This weekend, there is potential for mid-70 almost 80 degree weather in late April in Portland! It’s getting hot in here! Well, that is not that hot, but mid-70’s in April is definitely a cause for celebrate.  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the warm weather than a trip to my favorite ice cream parlor!

Ruby Jewel Ice Cream on Mississippi Ave in North Portland is my favorite ice cream shop in town. Ruby Jewel makes their ice cream from all natural, locally grown products. They make their waffle cones in their shop and you can smell them down the street.  If the smell alone doesn’t bring you into the shop their flavors will! Their flavors are inspired by delicious natural ingredients. They always have the basics such vanilla bean and double chocolate but they also add a little fun with flavors such as lavender honey, espresso, and fresh mint flake.

My favorite scoop to get is the Caramel w/ salted chocolate in a waffle cone. A few weeks ago the line was so long that I was forced to choose a to-go pint. They were out of my go-to flavor so I tried something new, mint cookies and cream. I was pleasantly surprised with my flavor choice, in fact, I found myself sneaking into the freezer for little tastes. If you want to dress up your ice cream, you can add toppings such as handmade marshmallows or peanut brittle. Ruby Jewel has all the toppings to really add that extra something to your treat.

The ice cream at Ruby Jewel is always creamy and full of flavor. Besides delicious ice cream, Ruby Jewel focuses on being environmentally responsible by sourcing locally and recycling. You have to love a company that cares about producing the best product and caring for the environment at the same time. So while the sun is hot, swing by and grab a scoop. Ice cream always tastes better when the sun is out!

If the line is too long, run up to the freezer inside and grab a pint to take home.