Art: Now Walk it Out

I find myself once again looking forward to another beautiful weekend! I’m looking forward to spending my weekend out shopping in the sunshine! I plan to accomplish this by attending one of my favorite events, the Mt. Tabor Art Walk.

The Mt. Tabor Art Walk takes place in the southeast neighborhood of Mt. Tabor.

Did you know Mt. Tabor used to be a volcano?

The people that live in Mt. Tabor open their homes once a year for an art sale. Some of the homeowners are artists themselves and others choose to feature an artist in their home. Many of the homeowners do a great job displaying the art, creating a boutique like atmosphere. 

You get a map, choose your path, and walk through the scenic neighborhood shopping all the great art work that is out. You can print a map from the website or you can pick up a map from one of the businesses mentioned on the website. I’ve missed this event two years in row and I’m so excited to be able to attend this year and the sunny weather couldn’t be more perfect for a stroll through the neighborhood. I remember the first time I went, it was so much fun and so inspiring to be able to walk from house to house viewing different forms of art. This year features art ranging from jewelry to photography to pottery and sculptures. It’s really neat how the community comes together to support art in this neighborhood sale.

So take advantage of the nice weather and admire works of art with a stroll through the neighborhood at the Seventh Annual Mt. Tabor Art Walk!