Adventure on Mississippi

Written byTina-Maria Garcia; Portland, Oregon

I heart Mississippi. It is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Portland. I’ll never forget the day I discovered Mississippi Ave, it happened to be the same day as the Cirque du Cycling event. There were beer gardens, people in costumes and lots of bikes. We watched the bike races from the beer garden and after some time passed, we decided to walk up and down the avenue. This is when I realized how much Mississippi has to offer. 

I love walking up and down Mississippi because I enjoy checking out the unique shops in the area. You can find salvaged material at the Rebuilding Center and Sunlan Lighting always has windows full of light bulbs. At the CD game Exchange you can find tons of cds, dvds, and records. There is something there for everyone from thrift shops to a nursery to a pet shop with treats for your dog. While the shopping is always intriguing and fun, but I’ll be honest, I’m usually heading down there to eat! 

 I typically like to grab a burger at Little Big Burger or a burrito from Laughing Planet. You can get tacos at Por Que No or check out what’s new at the food carts. I’ve also wanted to try a mac and cheese dish at the new Mac! Mac and Cheesery. If beer is your thing then stop in the Amnesia Brewery. They have a great outdoor space for enjoying beer on a nice day. If you have a taste for German beer head up the avenue to Prost where all the beir is imported from Germany. You can even order a “das boot”! 

There is one must have when I go to Mississippi, even with the weather is cold, and that is Ruby Jewel ice cream. I love their ice cream and waffle cones. In fact I already have a whole blog dedicated to them!

There is so much to check out on Mississippi. I highly recommend it as a day trip or a way to pass the afternoon.  Unfortunately, this year the Cirque du Cycling event has been cancelled but you can check out the Mississippi Street Festival on July 14th.