Snoop Dogg up in the SDeezy

Uhh Snoop? Mr Dogg? Oh, it's just tobacco. OK, then. Move along.I have no idea if that is how Snoop Dogg would say San Diego. Perhaps it's SDizzle or San Deezy. Either way, he was reppin' the 619 like a local the other night (video here... thanks to the mermaid, @TrueChloe, in the video for uploading it. Huh? Yes. Yes, I said mermaid. Fine, I'll wait. Hurry back). 

When I see celebs and athletes getting down in San Diego it excites me. There is literally no better place in the world. I've traveled a lot, over-seas, domestic, etc., trust me, San Diego is the spot. Despite all that, it gets little love for it's WestSide Culture. People look at it still as small town. The little sister to the big, bad and equally sexy older sister, Los Angeles. Yes I described the cities as women. Isn't that what Snoop would do?

Here's a few other athletes and celebs who have been known to kick it in Saint Diego. 

That is a tight throw back, Jigga.

Reggie Bush. Word on the street is he's getting back with Kim Kardashian.

SD's son made the list because he's a baller and a PHX Sun. Jared Dudley.

Shaun White and the Padres Girls. First to third, Shaun. First to third.

Tony Hawk. First Pitch. Man the Padres are getting a lot of ink here. Josh Byrnes, let's discuss forms of payment.

Phil and Amy Mickelson. Phil from SD. Both Arizona State Alumni. Amy is the attractive one.

Marshall Faulk, SDSU's finest. Look at that haircut. Click pic for closeup.

San Diegans, who else have you seen around?