Quick Tour: San Diego Beer Week and Micro Breweries

Have you ever seen the green flash?San Diego is the city with the second most micro-breweries in the world. Portland is first. I did not realize til I moved here just how many micro-breweries there are and how much of the culture they have become.

I'll also warn you that I am a beer snob, so you won't see me writing about (nor drinking) a major beer. I'm talking about the Budweisers, Coors, Millers, etc. Give me a Green Flash West Coast IPA, please. Speaking of which, I recently visited the Green Flash Brewery in Sorrento Valley. It's pretty bad ass. Here's a short list of San Diego Micro Brews, just in time for San Diego Beer Week, November 4-13. In order of my preference:

Green Flash

Stone Brewery

Ballast Point

Karl Strauss


Port Brewery

Lost Abbey