WestSide Culture's Top 10 SoCal Beers

Let's take a quick survey? How many of you have been to a beer tasting? Hands in the air please. And how many of you have toured a micro-brewery? Keep them up. OK. I could have done an actual survey here with real results, but this was fun too, wasn't it?

I can just imagine you at home next to your computer with your hand in the air. Loser.

WestSide Culture is strictly for beer snobs. We don't talk Bud, Bud Light, Coors or any of that other crap. We discuss real beer.

Let's examine the top 10 SoCal beers, decided by me. You'll notice (or maybe you won't) that each of these are San Diego beers. That's because SD has the second most micro-breweries in the World. New York Times recently picked the 619 as one of the top places in the World to go for beer and beer culture.

No wonder I moved here.

#10 - Port Brewing Company Wipeout IPA

#9 -  Mission Brewery IPA

#8 - Ballast Point Wahoo Wheat Beer

#7 - Coronado Brewing Company Idiot IPA

#6 - Green Flash West Coast IPA

#5 - Ballast Point Sculipn IPA

#4 - Ballast Point Big Eye IPA

#3 - Karl Strauss Tower 10 IPA

#2 - Stone IPA

#1 - Karl Strauss Trippel

Best place to enjoy a nice West Coast Beer near the Pacific Ocean is Pizza Port (Port Brewing Company). Pick a location. My favorite is Ocean Beach, San Diego because of it's chill, laid-back vibe. You can see their Tap Cam here. And the pizza is freaking bomb.com.

Looking for a spot downtown? Might I recommend locally owned The Beer Co., which features a wide variety of their own beers, local beers and others throughout the West Coast. Hit it up before a San Diego Padres game!

Other San Diego Beer News: ...Rumors of a Stone Brewery Hotel.... Yes please.

Breaking the rules: Because it's my site, I'll include another beer. One of my favorites. From NorCal. Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA. Try it!