2Pac: God Bless The Dead

## Update ## - I've done further research into Holo-Pac. The exact cost? According to Nick Smith, president of San Diego based AV Concepts, the company who created the hologram, the cost to produce Holo-Pac is somewhere between $100K-$400K. Hail Mary! Dear Mama! That's a lot of money. At those figures, you could've had anyone you wanted. God Bless the Dead.


Monday morning I awoke to a flurry of Facebook status updates, each one carrying the same virus viral message: The Stupid Tupac Hologram video. Is this really what music/technology/entertainment has become? I mean, I know Hollywood hasn't produced a new movie and or original idea since James Cameron's Titanic (which could be argued as unoriginal, since it was based on "real life" events).

Now, it appears the brain fart of ideas has moved over to the music world.

Holo-Pac is the latest sensation to sweep the nation since Tebow started for the Broncos. Anyone who actually watched the video closely must admit it was absolute shit. Holo-Pac repeats the same movements over and over again, and then just in cased you missed it, he repeats them again. The only somewhat cool part is where he raps about his diamonds glistening and touches his chain. 

I'd like to argue this. How much do you think it cost to create Holo-Pac? $10K? $20K? I have no idea. For the sake of our argument, let's say it was $20K. You could have paid Asher Roth that and he gladly would've played Coachella. Tyga would have done Rack City and probably thrown a few hundreds, hundreds for $20G's. Plus, some ten, tens, twenties and some fifties, bitch.

I guess I shouldn't hate on people trying to be original and create something new, but if you are going to do it, then go all out. Create Holo-Pac and make him something you can be proud of. Don't half ass it. Otherwise, just replay some scenes of Juice, Above the Rim or Poetic Justice on the big screen and call it a night. At least if they went the Poetic Justice route, you could've said you saw Tupac and Janet Jackson at Coachella.