San Diego's Point Loma and Phil's BBQ

I've got a secret for you. Phil's BBQ in San Diego's Point Loma neighborhood is the best barbecue I've ever had. And if you're a SD local, I've got an even bigger Phil's BBQ secret I can let you in on. (You will need to email me to prove your "localness", I can't just be giving out this type of information).

First, for those that don't know, Phil's BBQ was featured on Man vs Food, the hit show on the Travel Channel. Since then it's been, to quote SD fictional God, Ron Burgundy, "Kind of a big deal." Actually, that's an understatement. They're straight smokin'. Recently, Phil's was announced as a top 10 restaurant in the United States by 3000 Yelp reviews will do that for a place. I'm telling you, you need to go there. And remember, I'm willing to share the secret, provided you're cool. Like Fonzie. And what's Fonzie like? Cool.

Yesterday I took advantage of a friend's rare law school day off and headed to the Phil's. Note, when you hang out with a friend who is attending law school, you'll notice the smallest things bug them. It's actually quite amusing. Some guy was barely tapping his hands on the bar at Phil's. Like when I say barely, I mean it was basically inaudible. My friend looks at him and says, "Really drummer-boy?" Later a baby started crying. I won't even tell you how that ended up. Let's just say the kid stopped crying.

So getting back to Phil's. Their ish is the Please don't actually go to which is what an intern of mine once did when I told her to order sandwiches from Sacks. "What's Sacks?" she asked. "It's the", I replied. A half hour later I had to explain why there was no sandwich menu listed at By that time I was super hungry and my explanation was quite explosive. Pun intended.

So anyway, Phil's. I had the 3 Beef Bone dinner which comes with, you guessed it, 3 beef bones, and a choice of sides. Fries for sure, player. And while you're at it, let's give that Coronado Brewing Co. Coronado Wit a try. With an orange. And some MLB Opening Day action on that flat screen. Now that shit really is the No, not really. Just stay here at WSC and stop trying different combinations of bomb and dot com.