Sunday Funday: Week 4 Football Analysis

Posted by: Melanie Thornton, Phoenix, AZ.

It was Sunday, Sunday Funday in this house. And that means as many football games as possible while fitting in life, chores, errands, babies and pups.  

Fitz now holds the Cardinals all-time career receiving yardage record and is tied with Anquan Boldin for the most 100 yard gamesI am a home town and under-dog kind of gal. I enjoy rooting for “my” team and those teams that don’t stand out in the crowd quite as much as the rest. So here we go... A taste of Sunday from my perspective.

Starting with my hometown team: Arizona Cardinals vs Giants. Not such a great game. From error after error to lost opportunity after lost opportunity, it just wasn’t great. Beanie Wells brought the Cardinals back from what felt like three quarters of dread. Yet, somehow and someway the Cardinals lost it. Yes, there was a horrible call, one which will be reviewed and re-reviewed over and over, one which the NFL community believes was a missed call. However, the Giants made a ten point dash with four minutes remaining in the game. It’s games like these during which I lose interest in football, primarily due to the fact that “my” home team keeps finding way to lose. The silver lining - no major injuries, the Cardinals ran the ball well, Eli Manning is looking solid, Hakeem Nicks played well & Larry Fitzgerald broke a franchise while tying another.

All Mega-Tron does is: Catch Touchdowns. Well that and transform himself into a freak of nature, scary, dominating wide reciever.Moving to some magic: Detroit WHAT?!?!?!? Lions vs Cowboys. Detroit 4-0. I am loving it. Bringing the team back from a 20 point deficit in the past two games played and finding ways of make magic makes the Lions my favorite under-dog. Unfortunately the Cowboys saw another one slip through their hands. And Romo continues to be scrutinized. Regardless of your opinion or mine, he has been a league starter for 6 years and that means something. As for the Lions, they won in Dallas... Pressure? Maybe. Magic. Certainly. 

Some Notable Games: Chicago beat the Panthers (34-29) with their running game. The pass to rush ratio made it such that the win was possible. New England beat the Oakland Raiders in Oakland. The game looked strong for the Raiders out of the gates, however, New England had resilience and therefore they got the W. The Texans took the win over the Steelers even with injuries. It looked like a mess on the field and the bottom line was the Texans found opportunity in sacking Roethlisberger and providing pressure. Way to bounce Wade Philips. 

It was a Sunday full of Football, whether your team won or lost, the game was played. Fall is upon us and football is shaping up. I like it.