Charger Girl (News) Flash; San Diego Chokes Again

I watched the Raiders / Chargers game last night with friends and a former Charger Girl. Between momentary lapses of concentration, due to not watching the football game, I cannot give you a complete break-down off the game. I do know this: Denarius Moore and Carson Palmer (SoCal) are tough to stop.

Also, the Chargers defense is terrible, but you already knew that.

The Chargers blew another one and have now lost 4-straight. This is a team that's supposed to run away with the AFC West. Instead they are one Denver Broncos win away from being tied for last. It's getting scary in San Diego. Phillip Rivers is having a terrible year, he's getting sacked left and right, with interceptions galore.

U-G-L-Y. Again we already knew that.

So what may we have not known? Did you know that the Charger Girls are benched, yes benched if they gain an inch of fat at anytime during the season? It's like the 1960's with the Pan Am stewardesses. Imagine having a fantasy team of cheerleaders (ahem, get your mind out of the gutter) and not knowing who to start. Well Melissa looked a little bustier that last game. Jenny is smoking hot, gotta start her. And on and on. You get the point. So what was the point? I dunno. I guess I just wanted to show some Charger Girls.

Photo: San Diego Chargers - Mike Nowak