Denver Quarterbacks: John Elway, Jake Plummer, Tim Tebow

The other night I was watching the ASU Sundevils take on the U of A Wildcats (no comment on how that game ended up), when by the great beard of Zeus, who do I see on the sidelines? Good 'ol Jake the Snake Plummer. The people I was with didn't recognize him, with his shaggy beard and long hair.

One actually said, "Who is that guy? Is ASU interviewing homeless people now?" I had to explain it was Jake Plummer, he is now a professional handball player, and quite good at it by the way.

Now I read today that Jake Plummer is giving props to Tim Tebow and yet slamming him at the same time. Plummer basically said yeah we all know you love God, now shut up, go play some football and win more games.

His exact quote was, ‘When he accepts that we know that he loves Jesus Christ, I think I’ll like him a little better.’ 

One of the things I like most about Plummer, he really doesn't care what you think of him. He is going to speak his mind and do what he wants. He retired from football when he still could have been a starter with a bunch of teams. With that being said, he kind of has a way of popping up on the radar when he knows the spotlight is bright; ie ASU v U of A game, commenting on Tebow after he wins 4-1, etc. (Reminds me a lot of Curt Shilling, who does the same thing.)

It was on this play ASU had a shot at a National Championship, then David Boston and the Ohio State answered.The final straw for me was comparing himself to John Elway (Stanford represent). That's when I had to stop reading and commence writing. Dude, Jake, you were never that good. I said in an earlier post you were a great Sun Devil and a horrible Arizona Cardinal. When we want your opinion on almost winning a national championship, how to throw an interception in an NFL game or how to win at handball, we'll give you a call. Cool? Cool.