Phx Suns: Built from the West Coast

Ordinarily, I'd throw this post in sports, but due to an underwhelming low number of articles about the Phx (my former hometown), I decided to show some love to the AZ.

In what figures to be a crazy year in the NBA, I believe the Suns will make the playoffs. They missed it last year, with a team that never seemed to gel together. I expect this year's team to be much more cohesive. The majority of the team, especially the nucleus, all have ties to the West Coast. When traveling and on long road-trips, that does matter.

Steve Nash was raised in Victoria, BC near Vancouver and Seattle. He attended Santa Clara University. Nash's #15 seeded Santa Clara Broncos knocked out the #2 seed Arizona Wildcats in 1993's March Madness Tournament. Oh and you know what he's done for the Suns.

Hailing from the 619, San Diego, California, it's JD, Jared Dudley. Dudley set the over/under for number of dunks he'll make this season at 16. I have three words: Take the under.

Channing Frye is possibly the best basketball player to come out of Phoenix. Mike Bibby (who like Frye came from Phoenix and went to the University of Arizona) might be better. It's close though. I like Frye more because when he heats up from the arc its pretty to watch.

Robin Lopez aka Silent Bob. Oh Robin, where do I start? I'm just going to keep it simple. Robin is from Hollywood and went to Stanford with his twin brother, Brooke. I'm really having to resist typing a stream of not so nice thoughts about his play. Can I make it? So tough.

Josh Childress who like Robin Lopez also attended Stanford and is from SoCal. I expect a much bigger role this year from Josh.

I needed one of these T-Shirts, like yesterday.Recently aquired after two season with the LA Lakers, Shannon Brown figures to play an integral part of the Suns success this year. With his NBA leading 44.5" vertical leap, expect Nash to find him often near the rim. Enjoy the highlights.

It is unclear as to whether or not Aaron Brooks will return with the Suns this year. Brooks who is from Seattle and graduated from the University of Oregon, signed a contract to play with a team in China during the lockout. He is still under contract there. Although with the Suns signing Sebastian Telfair, it seems doubtful he will return.

With that core of West Coast talent, I have no doubt the Suns will rise once again in the West, if only for one final sunset. The Steve Nash retirement cloud looms.