Dec 19: Clip Joint v Lakeshow, Los Angeles, CA

I understand. It's a pre season game. Before I get too crazy. Still, looks like suddenly the new show in town is the Los Angeles Clippers. Chris Paul. Chauncy Billups. Blake Griffin. Caron Butler. I could go on. That roster is stacked. Although someone might want to let the Clip Joint know they have about 50% of their payroll tied up at PG. $41.3M to be exact.

Then let's take a look at the Los Angeles Lakers. Still pretty stacked, but definitely on the wrong side of 30 over there, boys. I know Phil is gone, Lamar Odom too, but damn, you guys are still old. And yet, you have Kobe Bryant. Andrew Bynum. Pau Gasol. And Meta World Peace. Yes, you can imagine my surprise when looking at the Lakers roster. For those of you who don't know, now you know. Ron Artest is now Meta World Peace. Dude has straight lost his mind.

In other news, WestSide Culture thanks Malcolm Thomas from San Diego State for apparently playing for free this year.

(Oh and by the way the Lakers should have Chris Paul. Instead his soaking up the LA rays with Los Clippers. Still not sure how that trade got vetoed. NBA has issues).

Needless to say, the two teams who share the Staples Center in LA, are creating a little sibling rivalry. Hold on to your $4,000 Laker seats and $40 Clipper seats (soon to increase by 80000%). Things are about to get real interesting in Los Angeles. From a PR standpoint, the Lakers need to do something to answer this. Dwight Howard is now off the table. One name I'll throw out there.... I don't want to say it.... and it is strictly a rumor.... Steve Nash? It would kill me as a Suns fan. And really what could they offer Phx? Meta World Peace?

Come to think of it, that's a pretty solid bargaining trip for the Lakers. "And we'll throw in Meta World Peace." I mean who can veto world peace of any kind, meta or otherwise?