Playoffs? Don't talk about Playoffs!?

Go West, young man. Yes, Jim Mora, Jr is headed West. UCLA calls. To inaugurate his new coaching position, we'll dedicate this post to his Pops and ask the question, Playoffs? Yes, we're talking about playoffs.

GB v KC - The quest for perfection continues. The Green Bay Packers (13-0) head to Arrowhead, where the only thing the Chiefs have perfected is how not to attract head coaches. Todd Haley out, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Aaron Rodgers makes it look easy. Tyler Palko does not.

DET v OAK - Megatron. Matthew Stafford. Carson Palmer. Run DMC. This has the makings of a good one, where the loser will likely find themselves out of the playoffs. Remember, both these teams still have to play the Packers. 

NE v DEN - Tom Brady is meat and potatoes. Tim Tebow is a Steve Jobs euphoric-like, carrot-salad-only-diet. Bill Belichick is the cloaked magician. John Fox, the read-option master. East versus West. Beauty versus Beast. Will Cinderella keep the glass slipper? And a better question, who has the better life right now: Tebow or Brady?

Brady has Gisele, Tebow has, well.... anyone he wants. He denied rumors he is dating US Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn.

CLE v AZ - Seneca Wallace gets the start for the injured Colt McCoy. John Skelton starts for Kevin Kolb. And the red-hot, "Rise Up Red Sea" Arizona Cardinals are still alive in the playoff hunt. Wallace scares me a bit as he used to destroy Arizona when he played them as a member of the Seattle Seahawks. 

BAL v SD - Ray Rice, Ray Lewis and the Ray-vens decided they needed a little beach time before their playoffs begin. You know, soak up some rays? OK, I'll stop. Meanwhile Rivers and Co. need to win for a chance to get in. Luckily for the Chargers, the beach is nice and close.

PIT v SF - Monday Night Football will not know what hit it when these two defenses collide. Both teams are 10-3, yet the Steelers are still fighting for a playoff seed and the San Francisco 49ers are a #2 seed. Guess it pays to be in the NFC, especially the NFC West.