NBA: Pre-Season Ends; 66 games begin

Courtesy NBAE/Getty Images

Today marks the final preseason games. I know preseason doesn't matter, yet this year something is a little different. Yes, there are only two games and yes they started them 3 months late. Still, they are exciting as each team plays one of it's biggest rivals, twice. They will face them again in the regular season, 4 times. Things are bound to get a bit chippy.

Out West, the following Pre-Season Matchups are taking place:

Houston Rockets v San Antonio Spurs (yuck and pooh)

Sacramento Kings v Oakland Warriors (Jimmer Time. Expect lots of scoring from both these teams this year)

Phoenix Suns v Denver Nuggets (Suns got worked in Game 1, let's see if they can respond tonight)

LA Lakers v LA Clippers (ClipJoint won both games.... look out Lakeshow)

Portland Trailblazers v Utah Jazz (Blazers sans B-Roy; retired, will be missed)

Dallas Mavericks v Oklahoma City Thunder (The Champs take on Durant and the up and coming Thunder)


And finally, get ready for a crazy, fast-paced, breakneck 66 game NBA season. I honestly believe anything can happen this year.