NFL Week 14: At 5-7 or 7-5 Many Teams Still Alive

Don't ask me how it's possible, but it is. Technically the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks, both 5-7, are still in the playoff hunt in the NFC West. In the AFC West, the San Diego Chargers and KC Chiefs, both teams also 5-7, are in the hunt. All of these teams need help, still anything is possible.

The Hyphen takes it to the house. Cards beat Dallas in OT.The Arizona Cardinals, fresh off their overtime victory against the Dallas Cowboys, host the NFC West Champion San Francisco 49ers. Count on it being crazy in Glendale and if the Redbirds can pull off a miracle win, 6-7 starts to look quite promising. Andre Roberts is coming into his own as a wide receiver, which is good, as Kolb needs to be able to throw to someone other than #11. So, #12 naturally is the next progression.

KC (5-7) goes to the NYC to play the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets. The Jets with L.T. and USC Trojan Mark Sanchez look like a playoff team and at 7-5 have a legit shot at making the Wild-Card Round. Wake me when this one is over. I'd rather watch paint dry.

Sticking with the theme of playoff possibilities for 5-7 teams, the Buffalo Bills (5-7) head to the 619 and Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers (5-7) are playing better (could they play worse?) and with expectations being so high in SD, it is unlikely Norv Turner will be back next year. Unless the Bolts win out. 

Carson Palmer and the Oakland Raiders at 7-5 are in a battle to win the AFC West with Tebow and the Broncos. Oakland seems to be going backwards, while Denver is playing like world beaters. Things do not get easier this week for the Raiders against the perfect Packers. Yes, 12-0 with a good chance at 13-0. In Green Bay. 

In one of the week's best match ups, the Chicago Bears head to Denver's Mile High Stadium to battle the Broncos. Cutler v Tebow would have been fun to watch, but with Cutler hurt 'Da Bears will need to rely on Matt Forte and the running game. Oh, wait. That's right. Matt Forte is hurt. Yuck. The Bears are in trouble. Expect Tebow Time again late in the 4th quarter. (Scroll down for the obligatory Tebow body paint photo).

The Seattle Seahawks (5-7) after stomping Philly host the Saint Louis Rams on Monday Night Football. Umm, ESPN, you're fired. How did you actually think this was going to be a good game? Really? I'll probably watch because let's be honest, it's Monday Night... what else am I going to do?

Get it? T-Bow. Oh, come on, what were you expecting? Hint: if you click on the photo, you'll get to see the real Tebow Body Paint.