XLVI: Brady, Gronk, Gisele and Kyle Williams

I woke up this morning to learn that death threats were issued at Kyle Williams, the San Francisco 49ers WR who fumbled away his teams chances at Super Bowl XLVI. Perhaps I take it closer to heart as someone who went to the same college (ASU) and grew up in the same city (Scottsdale) as Kyle did. Still, I too, was rooting for the 49ers and would never wish harm upon anyone from their team or anyone else's team.

I was warned early on when starting this website that the internet is full of haters. A few other writers and bloggers told me that people will leave abusive comments, send cruel emails and even try to annoy other readers of the site. There is something about the anonymity of the internet that let's people think they can say or do whatever they want. Sadly, this is now common, especially in sports, as more and more athletes create twitter accounts. 

For the record, I can think of two huge, positive plays Kyle Williams had in the NFC Championship game and several he made during the course of the season. Dude has mad skills and was a big time contributer to the 49ers success this year.

San Francisco simply did not deserve to win that game. They played like crap.

Gronk (clearly) is the man.Then again, the Patriots played like crap and they advanced to the Super Bowl. Tom Brady was average and Rob Gronkowski proved he might not be a robot afterall. Gronkowski, who is from U of A, was injured in the game, but did return. He was seen in a walking boot after the game.

He is seen here with Bibi Jones, who happens to be rockin' it Gronkowski style. #87.

So where does that leave us? It means we wait two weeks until the rematch of Superbowl XLII. Tom Brady versus Eli. Pats v Giants. Fortunately, the time off will allow us to discuss things other than football, like Spring Training Baseball, the NBA and Brady and Gisele's new $20M Brentwood, CA mansion.

8 bedrooms, 6 car garage, 22,000 square feet. Ho hum. You know how sometimes you see a house and you're like, "Who in the world can afford that?". It's people like Tom Brady and Gisele, who each with their super-human DNA combined to make $75M last year.