Skipping SacTown: DMC is on the run

DeMarcus Cousins w/ Paul Westphal Courtesy NBAE/Getty Images

The Sacramento Kings were supposed to be building a solid nucleus. They were supposed to have 3 of the game's bright young stars. They were supposed to compete for the playoffs with a player supposedly named DeMarcus Cousins. Alas, they still have DMC. He's just not playing for them.

Tyreke Evans had 27 points on Monday, in the Kings game sans Cousins.Cousins is currently in a wild game of he said, he said with the SacTown Kings and head coach Paul Westphal. Westphal says Cousins demanded a trade. Cousins said he didn't. Either way this ish is distracting and dysfunctional to the team.

Run DMC has had off the court issues since his college days. Sadly the trend is continuing in SacTown. I hope he and the team can work this out, because Tyreke Evans, DeMarcus Cousins and Jimmer Fredette looks like a scary combination.

I'll throw something interesting out for WestSider's to chew on. Could DMC become a LA Laker? The LakeShow missed on the Dwight Howard sweepstakes, perhaps they can steal a top talent away from Sacramento.

Kobe, DMC, Meta World Peace (still cannot get over that) and Andrew Bynum would be a step in the right direction for the suddenly comical Lakers. I'm not including Pau Gasol as I figure he would be involved in the trade. It is a rumor I'm making up here, let's see if it's got legs.