Elway: "Sometimes you just have to pull the trigger"

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Luck-y Colts; Not Gonna Happen

30 years ago, the Colts drafted a young quarterback out of Stanford by the name of John Elway and promptly traded him to the Denver Broncos. My how history has a way of repeating itself. This April, the Colts very well could select another quarterback out of Stanford, Andrew Luck, and quickly move him to the Denver Broncos.

Elway's recent quote about Tim Tebow needing to "pull the trigger" pretty much sums up the way he feels about Denver's current starting quarterback. Reading between the lines, is he trying to convince himself of something? Perhaps a trade? Perhaps trading The Teebster to Indy for a #1 Draft Pick in return?

Currently, the Colts hold the 1st pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Andrew Luck will be the 1st pick in the draft. He plays quarterback. That's an issue because Peyton Manning plays quarterback for the Colts. You cannot let Peyton leave by cutting him, so the Colts will end up with him as the starting quarterback. (Not that that's a bad problem to have).

The Colts owe Peyton $28 million next year. Yes, he's injured. Yes he's a risk. He's Peyton Manning. Do you really want him to wind up with another team and then destroy you? I think not.

That leaves a decision. Do you draft Andrew Luck also to play QB? Sure you could say, we'll he'll sit, learn behind Peyton and be a force in the future. My answer to you; then you have $36 million tied up in two players. One of which will not be playing. That leaves about $40 million to use on the rest of your entire team. 

Solution: The Colts trade the pick and thus the opportunity to draft Luck. Enter, Elway and the Broncos. Elway wants nothing more that to have a stud QB and I'm guessing he rather likes that Luck went to Stanford (his alma matter).

 Elway's Luck: Restoring Denver to Greatness

It's simple. Tebow to the Colts for the Colts #1 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and Indy receives Denver's 2012 draft pick. Tebow's salary is $2.2 million for next year, so essentially the Colts would save at least $6M, figuring Luck would have cost them at least $8M. You save money for another player and you get a crazy ass weapon to use at WR, QB, TE and RB. Line him up anywhere and have Peyton toss it to him. Sick! Imagine that. Reggie Wayne, Peyton Manning, Pierre Garcon, Donald Brown, Dallas Clark, Austin Collie and Tim Tebow all on the field at once. The defense would have no idea what to do.

And in exchange, John Elway gets his man. His future franchise QB. Andrew Luck.