I Love me some Lin and Rubio

Just finished watching quite the game. I tuned in to watch Jeremy Lin against Ricky Rubio and ended up watching the Kevin Love show. That dude can ball. UCLA in the house.

Love had 32 points and 21 rebounds and no that is not a mistype. I used to do triple takes when I saw stats like that. Now I just know it's part of Love's game. Lin finished with 20 points and 8 assists, but looked very tired. He missed a lot of shots, frequently short and often rejected. That's to be expected though with someone who hasn't been playing and is suddenly rushed into 35 plus minutes. Lin has also played 5 games in a week.

Rubio showed why he was so hyped coming over from Barcelona. He reminds me of a mix between Steve Nash and Jason "White Chocolate" Williams. The game of Nash and the flash of Williams. Rubio finished with 12 points and 8 assists and many of those passes were of the jaw dropping variety.

Other West Coast names of note: Landry Fields, straight outta Long Beach and Stanford had 19. His game is smooth like butter. Luke Ridnour (Oregon) sucks, Mike Bibby (Phoenix and U of A) needs to hang 'em up and Derrick Williams (U of A) doesn't see much playing time. DWill is a beast and the Wolves need to let him loose.

Oh and by the way, the Knicks won, thanks to a Jeremy Lin free-throw with 4.9 seconds left. Knicks 100, Wolves 98.