Ms. Upton: 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

I've been sitting on this baseball photo of Kate Upton for a while now... waiting just for the right opportunity to use it. With 5 days left until Spring Training and Ms. Upton gracing the cover of the 2012 SI Swimsuit Issue, I guess now is the time.

She's been spotted dancing at Clippers games, chillin' at D'Backs games and even played in a celebrity game at Chase Field before the 2011 All-Star Game. We might need to talk to her about that Yankees cap though. That is so not WestSide Culture.

I figure playing the game in AZ and having the same last name as D'Backs Justin Upton, she should have rocked one of his jerseys. 

I know at this point you're not even reading this post, you're just looking at her legs. Not that I blame you.

Oh and by the way.... It's finally baseball season.