Harvard to the NBA: Lin-Sane

Can Golden State get a do-over on Jeremy Lin?

A week ago, it looked like Knicks Head Coach Mike D'Antoni was about to lose his job. So, with nothing to lose, D'Antoni gave Jeremy Lin, a youngster from Palo Alto High School, a chance and it has rewarded him in spades. D'Anotni now has no choice but to say, "I'm all-Lin."

Last week this card was worth $3. Now? $75.Lin's story is an interesting one. A kid from Palo Alto High, whose most famous alma-mater previously was James Franco. Lin became a star point guard at Harvard. Yes, that Harvard. Then undrafted. Next the Summer League in Las Vegas with the Dallas Mavericks. Nothing. Crickets. Lin latched on with the Golden State Warriors. Cut. He's now showing his skills in NYC on one of basketball's biggest stages, Madison Square Garden. His first 3 games as a starter look like this: 25 points, 7 assists. 28 points, 8 assists. 23 pts, 10 assists. Not bad. 

With all the IPO buzz going on for Facebook, I cannot help but draw comparisons between Lin and Mark Zuckerberg. Let's take a look at their paths. Facebook's Zuckerberg: Harvard, Palo Alto, Bay Area, Wall Street and NYC. Jeremy Lin: Palo Alto, Harvard, Bay Area, Wall Street and NYC. The difference in money is vast as Zuck should make a ho hum $5 billion when Facebook goes public. Lin's salary is $788,000. Lin can shoot better. Both are viral sensations

Next up, it's the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant. If Lin can do it again against the Kobe System, he will have won 4 straight games for the Knicks and maybe even saved his coach's job. Oh and by they way, he's doing all of this without Carmello Anthony and Amare Stoudemire. Doesn't matter. As Knicks fans say, "Just Lin!"