Pinball Numbers and Monopoly Money

NFL Free Agency officially got underway yesterday. Clearly, I regret not being a 6'3", 245 lbs athlete. I did however, stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. That's gotta count for something. Maybe I can just get a small piece of that $132M handed out to Calvin Johnson. Hell, hook me up with 0.1%. That's $132K. I'm good with that.

Granted Mega-Tron is one of the 10 best players in the NFL, so he "deserves" that money, as much as anyone deserves $132M. Still, I cannot quite come to terms with just how much money is being dished out here during this NFL off-season.

Vincent Jackson, 5Y/$55M. Former San Diego Charger swashbuckles the Bucs into a big time pirate booty.

DeSean Jackson, 5Y/$51M. The Former CGB (Cal Golden Bear) strikes it rich. Remains flying high with Eagles.

Cortland Finnegan, 5Y/$50M. Frequent fighter goes to the Rams. Have fun covering Larry Fitzgerald and Randy Moss.

Pierre Garcon, 5Y/$42.5M. Garcon, coffee! The Waiter gets served by Daniel Snyder. Dollars, not Euros. 

Marques Colston, 5Y/$40M. Oh when the Saints, Oh when the Saints, Oh when the Saints decide to pay Drew Brees, is there going to be any money, because you spent it all on 'Ques. 

Eric Wright, 5Y/$37.5M. No, not Eazy-E, the NWA, West Coast Gangsta. Just the football player. Bucs 4 lizife!

Laurent Robinson, 5Y/$32M. Really, Jacksonville? Don't you need a QB to throw the ball to a WR? I guess MJD could always do a HB Pass/Run option.

Carlos Rodgers, 4Y/$31M. Big time money up there in the Bay Area. 49ers digging gold out of their pockets.

Robert Meachem, $26M. Sorry, 26 million is still a huge number, but I laugh at how "small market" San Diego is.

John Carlson, 5Y/$25M. From Sea to shining Lake Superior. Minnesota. Geez, don't you know your geography?

Adam Carriker, 4Y/$20M. How does Dan Snyder have so much money? He's still gotta pay RG3($$$), too.

If you are slow on the mathmatics, don't worry, I'll help you out. So far, just for the players listed above, we're at $542M, or roughly 0.1% of Apple. That's without major siginings still coming down the pipeline. We've still got Peyton Manning, Super Mario Williams, Matt Flynn, LaRon Landry and Brandon Lloyd out there. Likely Drew Brees, too.

That could be another $500M right there. Easily $1B just on the players listed in this post. Crazy.