1998 Flashbacks, Leaf, Tulo and Cain

How the mighty have fallen. OK, so he was never that any good. Still, a sad story for Ryan Leaf, who went from the 2nd pick of the NFL draft, behind Peyton Manning, to robbing homes for painkillers. Leaf was arrested again, days after he posted a $76,000 bail for being arrested on similar charges. Police found 89 hydrocodone pills in his bathrobe pocket. What? Who wears bathrobes? Oh and Mr. Leaf, I remember when ASU whipped your ass when you were at Washington State. Those were the warning signs. As it turns out, losing to ASU is nearly impossible to do.

So, let's take a look at the offseason for the 1st two picks of the 1998 NFL Draft. Peyton Manning signs a new 5 year, $96 million deal with the Denver Broncos. Ryan Leaf almost gets 96 painkillers, has to settle for 89 and an arrest.

In Cactus League action, Troy Tulowitzki and Ubaldo Jiminez continue their cat fight. Weeks after Jimenez said he didn't understand why Tulo got a new deal with the Rockies and he didn't, Ubaldo decided to drill Tulo to prove his point. Umm, Ubaldo, the only point you are proving is that the Rockies were smart to sign Tulo and let you go, because this just in: You are terrible! He'll now start the season serving a 5 game suspension. Next up, AAA.

For sure this shirt was made in '98.How about baseball's newest 112M dollar man? Matt Cain is now the highest paid right-hander pitcher in all of baseball history. He's good. Is he that good? Doubtful. Maybe we should ask Dodger fans about the last right hander to get a $100M+ deal. Kevin Brown, anyone? Yeah, that didn't work out so well for LA. The year of that deal? 1998. Same year the San Diego Chargers drafted Ryan Leaf to be their franchise QB. Oh, and by the way, they moved up to get him.

To think the Arizona Cardinals, who originally had the 2nd overall pick in that draft, could have had Ryan Leaf. Instead they got Jake Plummer, the handball king.