Ice, Cactus and Palm Trees

Strange days indeed. Tomorrow night marks the start of the NHL Western Conference Finals and stage is set for some great hockey. In the desert. And Hollywood. Who would've thunk it.

I don't even consider myself a hockey fan, but I've been drawn to this year's playoffs. The story of the Phoenix Coyotes is remarkable. From near bankruptcy, to being owned by the NHL, almost being moved out of Glendale and so on. Now they have a chance to shock the world and make it to the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. That is what they call the NHL Finals, right?

The LA Kings share similar, rise from the ashes, Phoenix-like, story. Their push at the end of the regular season got them into the playoffs, where they ho hum, just simply destroyed both the #1 and #2 seeds in the Western Conference. 

I encourage you, even if you are not a hockey fan (like me), to watch this series. It is going to be fun.

And go Coyotes. White out, baby!