The Bryce Harper Show

My boy TBone runs the DC, 202, 703 area. But there is a new cat in town and his name is Bryce. Mr. Harper single handeledly beat my AZ D'Backs on Wednesday night with T in attendance. I asked him to write a post about it. He respectfully declined. Shame.

What he would have said was B. Harper owned the D'Backs, with a 3/4, 2 run, 1 RBI performance. He also tried to score from second base on a routine ground out by one of his team-mates. That's called balls. And confidence. At 19. Sick.

So how does Harp follow that up? How about a game winning double the next night, also against the D'Backs. He's now batting .375 with 3 RBI in just 4 games. And he's made incredible plays defensively, throwing 300ft, no bounce, darts to homeplate to nearly retire baserunners.

He's batting 3rd in the line-up in his 4th ever big league game. Dude is legit. TBone is proud.