My new obsession....

No, not the Calvin Klein cologne. (Although I do enjoy that scent. Quite musky).

It's the daily FanDuel leagues (or weekly in the case of the NFL). The NBA contests each night are super addicting. Like crack. Not that I would know.

There are free contests, if you want to try them out and get your feet wet. I also encourage you to challenge me in some head to head matchups (username: kevdogg). It's highly likely you will beat me and win some money.

With any luck, you can grow your bankroll to the size of my new role model, Dave Dodds. (Dave started a blog in which he details his new project. He started with $50K and blogs about his contests and how he approaches each one and builds out his teams. See screen shot of his account below).

Often times, throughout my day I find myself asking the question, WWDDD? What would Dave Dodds Do? It applies to anything in life. What kind of coffee would Dave drink? Probably the most expensive. Should I go to work? Probably not. What shall I do with all my money? Bath in it.


Compare that to mine.



Clearly I have some work to do. But I am learning. And it's fun!