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Teammates: Alex Smith and Reggie Bush

West Coast Style: Smith and Bush attended Helix in San DiegoI learned this morning that 49ers quarterback Alex Smith and former USC baller Reggie Bush were on the same team in high school. Smith, who was born in Seattle, attended Helix High School in San Diego along with Bush.

The team went 25-1 with Alex Smith at quarterback and won two championships. With Bush at running back and punt returner, they averaged a ho hum 50 points per game. Bush would later perfect these same duties at USC, the Saints and now the Dolphins.

In 2004 when Reggie was at USC and Alex at Utah, both were nominated as Heisman finalists, the first time in history two players from the same high school were included in the ceremony.

If you have a minute, check out this video of them in high school. They were teammates in the year 2000, but this video looks like it was edited on VHS. Stick with it, it's worth it.

(7 other professionsal athletes, Arian Foster, Kellen Winslow II, Cole Hamels, Jared Dudley, Tony Gwynn Jr., Luke Walton and Khalif Barnes were also attending San Diego high schools at this time.)


Breaking down possible Superbowl XLVI match-ups

Throw it to Vernon Davis! Photo courtesy

The best part about Superbowl XLVI in Indy is every possible match-up will feature incredible story lines, not to mention hard-hitting football. (Enough with the defenseless player calls, please). So let's get to it. Breaking down the games, with a little West Coast flavor, in order of each match-up I'd prefer to watch.

Never in my life did I think I'd put a picture of Alex Smith on my site.San Francisco 49ers v New England Patriots. Alex Smith, Jim Harbaugh, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis and that nasty 49er defense versus Tom Brady, the Hooded One and two of the meanest tight ends on the planet. In fact, this game would feature 3 of the best tight ends in the NFL (sans Jimmy Graham). One of them has no problem lining up at full back and running it down your throat. Although I don't recommend Aaron Hernandez doing that against the 49ers if he wants to keep the football. Doubtful Brady would throw 6 TDs in this one, still you never know with #12 and Gisele in the house.

West Coasters would feature: Harbaugh, the San Francisco 49ers, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Chad Ochocinco, Patrick Chung and Logan Mankins. 

San Francisco 49ers v Baltimore Ravens. Instead of Super Bowl XLVI, we could just call this Harbaugh Bowl II: This Time It Counts. I must admit it would be pretty fun to watch two brothers, both head coaches of their respective teams, battle each other for the Lombardi. Thanksgiving would never be the same.

West Coast, the Best Coast: The San Francisco 49ers (bay area, what what), Chris Carr, Ed Dickson, Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata, Jimmy Smith.

NY Giants v New England Patriots. Eli Manning, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning would all be in Indy. Peyton Manning would be there to watch his little brother battle his biggest rival, Brady. Archie Manning would be there... oh who cares about Achie. This would be a rematch of one of the best Super Bowls of all time, XLII. The two teams are nearly identical from where they were 4 years ago. Brady, Manning, Coughlin, Belichick, Welker, Jacobs, etc. Yes, that's the one where the undefeated Patriots (18-0) lost to the Wild-Card Giants.

Left Coast: Brady, Gronkowski, Ocho, Prince Amukamara, David Carr (what a joke), Ramses Barden.

NY Giants v Baltimore Ravens. Rematch of Superbowl XXXV, where the Ravens clawed the eyes out of the Giants. Despite it being last on my list of best match-ups, this game would be entertaining. Two incredible defenses with tons of playmakers all over the field. Expect defensive touchdowns and sacks.

WestSide Connection: Prince, Carr, the other Carr, T-Sizzle, Jimmy Smith, Ngata and Ed Dickson.

As a side note, has anyone else noticed how Terrell Suggs, aka T-Sizzle, refuses to ever admit in the player announcements he went to Arizona State? He'll just say something like, "Swagger" or "School of Hard Knocks." If Al Michaels (ASU alumni) is doing the game, he'll correct him. It's pretty funny.