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Rose Bowl 2012: Oregon Ducks, Nike and Badgers

1.2.12 2.10pm pacific time

The new Nike Pro Combat gear will be featured in the 2012 Rose Bowl with the Oregon Ducks rocking all green unis. Without going into too much detail, let's just say words like "thermoregulation", "lightweight ultra-breathable", "armored", and "LiquidMetal" mean they will be bad ass. More descriptively, the re-designed numbers have an iridescent shine you might find when looking at a mallard’s feathers in the sunlight. The numbers are larger and change colors as the players move.

Courtesy NikeThe helmets feature chrome-like wings and use LiquidMetal for a mirrored black finish along with the iconic Oregon "O" and "Ducks" in the same silverish chrome. 

The January 2, 2012 "Granddaddy of Them All" Rose Bowl is not just about the 5th ranked Oregon Ducks however. The 10th ranked Wisconsin Badgers are also making the trip to Pasadena and their power offense is the yin to the Ducks yang. Where Oregon beats you with speed and athleticism, the Badgers goal is to run you over.

Both teams average about 45 points per game, which could lead to a 90 point Rose Bowl. Insane. Las Vegas currently has the Over/Under at 72 points, which seems quite low. Keep in mind though, Oregon has not looked great in it's last few bowl games. I see a high scoring game, yet think it will be something more like 35-30. Get your combat gear on. This is going to be fun.


Oregon State battles Oregon in the 2011 Civil War

Written by: Tina-Marie Garcia, Portland, Oregon

Image courtesy: NWSportsBeat.comThis week many people are looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday. Here in Oregon, Turkey Day is often followed by the meeting of Oregon’s biggest rivalry, the Civil War. The Civil War is the annual football game between the University of Oregon and Oregon State, two Pac-12 schools that are less than 60 miles apart!
The state of Oregon loves when these two rivals meet. Seems like everyone is either a Duck or Beaver fan and this rivalry has yet to disappoint.

Back in 2008 Oregon State’s opportunity to go to the Rose Bowl was dependant on the Civil War win over Oregon. Oregon squashed that opportunity in a 65-38 victory over Oregon State. In 2009, the winner of the Civil War would go to the Rose Bowl. Oregon won 37-33. Then in 2010, a Civil War win would either give Oregon a spot in the BCS National championship or Oregon State an opportunity to compete in a bowl game. Oregon won 37-20, and continued on to the BCS National Championship.

So what’s at stake for the 2011 Civil War? For Oregon State, nothing really, they are going into the Civil War after a big win over University of Washington, but are 3-8 overall for the season. All chances for a bowl game gone. University of Oregon (9-2) dropped from #4 to #10 in the BCS ranking after last week’s lost to USC. While there is still a glimmer of hope for UO to make a BCS bowl, another loss could wipe out all hopes of a BCS bowl game.

Oregon is heavily favored going into this year’s Civil War, which takes place at University of Oregon’s Autzen Stadium. They have all the weapons to squash a team like Oregon State, but Oregon State is going into this game knowing that if they defeat Oregon they’ve likely ruined Oregon’s chances of going to a BCS Bowl game.

I don’t think it’s likely that Oregon State will defeat the Ducks but, it’s not impossible. Cheers to a great rivalry and to what looks to be another exciting Civil War!