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4 Games in 5 Days

Much has been made about the NBA Season and each team having to play 3 games in 3 nights. Well, I'm going to take it even further. Starting this Saturday, I'm going to attend 4 Spring Training games in 5 days. I know. It's going to be tough. I'm strong, though. A finely tuned baseball watching, brat eating, beer drinking machine. Kind of like this guy.

Lemonade, lemonade like Gramma made!And I'm not making fun of him. In fact, I'm about 99.9 percent sure I have a man crush on him. He's replaced Tim Tebow. Stupid Jets.

Here's the schedule, in case your interested on my whereabouts. Stalking okay, but no photos please. Actually, stalking me is encouraged. Provided you're not crazy. And you're female. And attractive. Or just a cool dude. No bros, please.

Sat: Rockies v Giants. Most excited for Tulo and Cabrera. The Milk Man delivers. #melkycabrera

Mon: Cubs v D'backs. Hoping for a Theo Epstein sighting. Will settle for J-Up.

Tues: Angels v Giants. Pujols, duh. Mike Trout. Gregor Blanco. If you're saying WHO? to Mr. White, read this.

Wed: Dodgers v Giants. Kemp v Kung Fu Panda.

I'll be providing a game by game breakdown both here at WSC and our MLBlog page. Check that out too, if you haven't already. Deuces.

[image courtesy: SethWilliamPage of flickr]


Tebow Jetting to the East Coast

Tim Tebow is now a New York Jet, acquired for a 4th round pick. What a mess that team has become. And this concludes WestSide Culture's coverage of Tim Tebow. (unless he's playing an AFC West or NFC West team).

Thanks Timmy, it was a fun ride.


Week 2 NFL Playoffs; Round 2: Tebow V Brady

I'd like to point out Demaryius Thomas has officially gone Beast Mode 3.0 on us. (I was the smart guy who picked him up early in fantasy football and then dropped him). Thomas has had games this season of 144, 116 and now 204 yards after his playoff crusade on Blitzburgh. 

Which brings us to Divine Intervention, aka Round 2 of the 2012 NFL Playoffs and the Denver Broncos versus the New England Patriots. The last time our heroes faced each other (Week 15) it was Jesus versus David and Socrates. Tebow played his usual role of Jesus, Brady as Michaelangelo's statue, David, and Bill Belichick as Socrates. Or perhaps he's more of a Plato? No bother.

Forgive me father, for I'm not hip to the biblical references game.

Alas, I do know something. John 3:16 has to do with the Bible. This I know, because Tebow quotes it frequently. Tebow threw for 316 yards in Denver's miracle win versus the Steelers. His average yards per completion was 31.6.

I'm afraid. I think there might be some accuracy to this 2012 End of the World apocalyptical stuff. Tim, please note I've been on your side since day 1.

This battle also brings the rematch of Gisele and Tebow's girl of the week. Who is it going to be this week? Lindsey Lohan? Elin Nordegren? Virgin Mary? My personal favorite is Amanda Pflugard. (Go Ducks!)

Gisele took Round 1 with her man Thomas Brady III of Devonshire in a Black-ops-like assault on Timmothy Tebow and his headless horsemen. The hooded relic one had his soldiers well prepared. Now comes Round 2: The Rematch. All great wars have a sequel, duh. WWII, hello?

Throughout the rest of our kingdom, The Pack will tar and feather the Giants. The Ravens with their scary bird, end of times kind of look to it, will pick the carcasses of the Republic of Texas.


The San Francisco 49ers play host to Drew Brees, Darren Sproles and the San Diego Chargers Eastern-block aerial assault squad, the Saints. Holy crap, we have Saints and sinners (AJ Smith) involved in this now? I'm building a bunker. 

Let's just praise God or Jesus or Tebow or whom ever that this game will not be televised by Fox or else we could end up with another full fledged attack of Hiroshima, ala The Colby Lewis' Travels fame and lore.

Photo courtesy Yahoo Sports



Denver Broncos 2011-2012 Highlights + Madden 12

Video I made with Apple's iMovie on my laptop to honor the 2011 Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow. Such an exciting season they've had! I hope it continues versus the Pittsburgh Steelers and Big Ben. Shock the World, Denver. Shock the world.