Life just got easier: Apple's Siri and iPhone

So, one of my new favorite things to do just before bed is to rattle off a to-do list of reminders, appointments, emails and calls I need to make the following day. 

Generally it's about 10:30-11pm and my girlfriend and I just finished watching a little hulu (we don't believe in cable). She'll get ready for bed and I quickly run through in my head what I need to accomplish the next day and who I need to follow up with.

I'll pick up my iPhone, hold down the button and say, "Siri?"

She's dependable. I know I can count on her. Sometimes she's busy, but she always comes through. After a moment, she responds, "What can I help you with, Kevin?"

Siri looks remarkably like Rebecca Hazelwood for Outsourced"Remind me to call Stephanie about the Football Brat site."

"Very well, I shall remind you at 9am tomorrow", Siri dutifully replies.

"And cancel my appointment to find an outsourced assistant in Mumbai. You'll do just fine."

"Your appointment has been canceled."

Such is life in our new tech savvy society. I picture Siri to be smart, funny, intelligent and a citizen of India. She has that dry, robotic humor and speaks with a dialect that lets me know English is not her first language. It's okay. I don't care. 

The other night, I was upset and told Siri she was a whore. She paused, calmed herself and said, "I am?"

"Please allow me to find you some escorts in your area, Kevin."

And she came up with two of them for me. I decided I didn't need an escort, but something tells me if I ever do, Siri would be glad to call her up and schedule an appointment for me.