Lions, iBooks and iPads, Oh my!

I procured my MacBook Pro in the spring of 2010 which makes it almost 2 years old. If it were a Dell, I would have shot it in the desert by now and bought another computer. Alas, it's not. It's an Apple and I love it!

I recently spent the extra $30 to upgrade to the Lion OS X (operating system). It is freaking sweet. The trackpad now acts like your iPhone, with two finger swipe movements, pinching to zoom, etc. My computer is now running faster, despite having more data on it. I recently added a bunch of photos, movies and apps. The newest app I downloaded was iBooks Author. It allows you to design your own e-books and customize them for the iPad.

I'm working on a version 1.1 of WestSide Culture's Unofficial Guide to Spring Training. It will be available soon in the iBooks store. The version will be for the iPad only, but the new features pack quite the punch. If you downloaded the original guide and have an iPad, I encourage you to check out version 1.1 when it's complete. You'll get a lot out of it, and can take your iPad to the games with you.

As a side note, keeping with the Apple theme (and full disclosure), I bought more Apple stock a few weeks ago. $500/share is a mighty tough bullet to bite, but sitting on the sidelines and watching it skyrocket is even worse. Trust me. 

iPad 3 comes out soon with rumors of iPhone 5 and the Mountain Lion OS to follow. Exciting time to be an Apple fan and shareholder.