Activision Blizzard and Diablo 3

Written by: Brian Finnegan, Austin, TX

Santa Monica, California based gaming giant Activision Blizzard just announced the release date of their highly anticipated title Diablo 3. Diablo 3 is published under the Blizzard name, although Activision Blizzard is the actual company. Activision, who publishes such games as Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Call of Duty, merged with Blizzard to form a gaming powerhouse.

Blizzard is the company behind the worldwide gaming sensation 'World of Warcraft' and has grown so large with their success of that game that they hold an annual conference every year that has grown to be one of the must-see gaming conventions of the year. Tickets for the event typically sell out within the first hour of going on sale. 

Diablo 3 will release on 5/15/12 and is available for digital pre-order now.  

The game's predecessor, Diablo 2, won a Guiness Book of World Records (GBOWR) slot for being the fastest selling video game ever in back in 2000, and sales of the game are upwards of 4 million copies worldwide. One of the planned innovations that really caught the attention of the tech/gaming world is the planned 'real money auction house' where players can sell the items they find in the game for real life money to other players.

Aimed at combating illegitimate gold/item selling websites that were often malicious, this new approach could mean that our kids might finally make a few bucks while exploring dungeons and killing baddies.

Blizzard, thanks to World of Warcraft and it's merger with Activision, has immense resources at its disposal this time around. World of Warcraft boasts over 1 million subscribers all paying $15 a month (not to mention initial game price, expansions and merchandising) so money should really be no object for this sequel.  

One thing is near certain, this will be the hottest selling PC game of the year and might very well earn them another GBOWR nod.