1 Reason Why I'm Better Than Pinterest

I read an article today from Inc Magazine which discussed how pinterest is changing the way web design is done. While I agree with the article, it pointed out how many sites now look and feel like pinterest, I'm going to say that I had the idea first. Meaning, before I knew anything about pinterest, I designed WestSide Culture in the now uber-popular, square style, grid photo format.

I will admit I did somewhat steal the idea from a social network, yet it wasn't pinterest. It was facebook. When coming up with the design concept for WSC, I thought about facebook and how it pretty much got to the point where I ignored everyone's status update unless it included a picture. It became much easier for my small brain to quickly scan the updates for any image that jumped out at me, rather than try to read all the narcissistic comments. So... an idea was born. Why not make my home page just pictures?

Later, about a month after launching WSC, I discovered pinterest and thought, genius. Now this is a site. Granted, they did a much better job at the set-up and concept of grid photos than I ever could have imagined, still that is to be expected. I'm guessing their programmers have quite a bit more experience than yours truly. I am however extremely happy with the way WSC turned out and grateful to have such loyal readers. So for that, I thank you.

For the design, by default, I thank Mark Zuckerberg. Now about that $100B, Mark....