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Product Review: Apple's New iPad

Hector Noesi throws to a Colorado Rockies player as seen live in the DirectTV iPad App

I checked out the newest Apple product last night in between shots of Jameson and bottles of Karl Strauss IPA. Note, the product review occurs about 20 hours following my date with Ms. Jameson, allowing for maximum recovery and typing capabilities. When inebriated, I type about 8 words per minute. Often it is unusable garbage.

The first thing I checked out on the new iPad was the camera, which at 5 Mega Pixels leaves a bit to be desired. They could have at least put the same 8MP camera that is in the iPhone 4S. But, no. So, the image is a little grainy and lighting not great at night or indoors. It's cool to take a picture with a huge 9.7 inch screen, and yet feels strange at the same time.

Video on the new iPad is incredible. Crystal clear, clean, bright. Love it. The DirectTV app allows you to control your home television from your iPad. You can also watch shows, movies, games, etc from the DirectTV app on the iPad. 

The paid version of the pinterest application was pretty sick. The images display super colorful and the page allows for multiple images and boards, where the iPhone app is just a single image at a time.

I was seriously impressed with the browsing speed of the internet when using Safari. Also, viewing using the new iPad seriously increases your viewing experience. Everyone needs one and everyone needs to hit up WSC when using it. I promise you'll love it!

That's about all I had a chance to check out. Again, this was between shots, greasy Mexican food, IPAs and good old fashioned socialization, not the kind that takes place on facebook and or twitter. I know, I didn't know that kind of communication still existed. OK, now back to my instant messenger.